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Protégé II

Designed for high speed, economical CD-R and DVD-R production, the Protégé II is the perfect solution for fast, reliable, on-demand publishing. From low to high volume production, the Protégé II can be scaled to add users and expand as needed. Features the Everest™ printer as standard on all units.

·         Increased CD Capacity allows reliable, high-volume, lights-out production.

·         Photo-Realistic Images using Rimage's patented Everest™ printing technology-a ground breaking thermal-retransfer system that redefines the industry standard.

·         New Design featuring a fully enclosed system for unmatched safety and efficiency.

·         ProNET Software Platform is the next generation, all-encompassing software suite.  The multi-functional platform provides unmatched performance in the production of CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. ProNET provides all the tools necessary for disc duplication and disc publishing, with simplified integration into existing systems.

·         Revolutionary Anti-Piracy Plug-In Architecture developed by Rimage gives you control over your content.  The Encrypted Digital Fingerprinting™ (EDF) plug-in is a standard feature that places numerous traceable, undetectable watermarks on the disc.  These digital fingerprints survive duplication, even re-imaging.  Optional plug-ins allow the use of third-party anti-piracy software, giving you unmatched flexibility

·         Two CD-R/DVD-R Drives are perfect for production runs both small and large.

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Standard System

·          Two latest generation CD-R recorders; Rimage Protégé II transporter;

·          Everest CD-R surface printer; CD-R control center running windows 2000; Producer Software Suite; ProNET SDK.


·          DVD-R or DVD-R/CD-R combination systems

·          Additional Protégé II transporter for attachment to control center

·          Prism thermal printer

CD-R Printer

·          Everest™ photo-realistic, thermal re-transfer printer

·          Optional Prism printer (Detailed specifications on the printers are available)


·          Everest: 3-color (CMY) panel ribbon; 4-color (CMY-White) panel ribbon; monochrome black ribbon.

·          Prism: 3-color (CMY) panel ribbon; 2-color (green/black, blue/black, red/black) panel ribbon; monochrome black, red or blue.

Imageable Formats

·          The Producer Software Suite can create ISO 9660 images (Level 1; Level 1, Relaxed; Level 2, Joliet). Macintosh HFS, Hybrid ISO 9660/HFS and ISO 9660 with Apple® Extensions images, Rockridge, UDF

Recordable Formats

·          CD-DA (Red Book Audio)

·          CD-ROM (Yellow Book Mode 1)

·          CD-ROM XA (Mode 2 Form 1, Mode 2 Form 2,Mode 2 with interleaved

·          Form 1 and Form 2)

·          CD-I

·          Mixed Mode (CD-ROM and CD-DA)

·          Multisession (both independent and incremental)

·          Track-at-once and disc-at-once are supported


·          Protégé II 100-240 VAC, 60/50Hz, 4.7-3.7A, 600 Watt maximum

·          Control Center 100–120/200–240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 6/3 Amp

·          Monitor 100–240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 1.5–0.75 Amp

Relative Humidity

40%–80% noncondensing

Bin Capacities

·          Four 100 disc bins configurable as input, output or reject

·          300 Disc Capacity In Standard Configuration, 400 Disc Capacity When Using Mail Box


·          Protégé II 24.8''H x 15.5''W x 24''D

·          (63cm H x 39.4cm W x 61cm D) 112 lbs. (51Kg)

·          Control Center 18''H x 10''W x 23''D

·          (46cm H x 20cm W x 46cm D) 37 lbs. (16Kg)

·          Monitor 15''H x 15''W x 17''D

·          (38cm H x 38cm W x 43cm D) 30 lbs. (14Kg)

Operating Temperature

·          60°F–77°F (15.5°C–25°C). Limited by recorder.


·          One-year limited depot (U.S.A.)

Service Options

·          Various Rimage Service Programs are available

·          Contact your local Rimage Service Representative for details

  • All Rimage products proudly feature Dell® computer products carrying a 3-year warranty.




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